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What is ShoomKloom

ShoomKloom is a live, experiential, interactive online seminar.

Participants investigate through a series of radically unique questions on all pertinent life topics. This creates a shift in perception, awareness and self definition. As a result, participants attain final solutions for short and long term issues in mental and emotional health. Stress levels are drastically reduced and the immune system is boosted.

The Method

Our programs can be described as (re)examining the way you think, feel, perceive and the way you experience yourself as a human being in life.

In online classes, you will be presented with a series of self reflective, eye opening questions. These questions turn your attention inwards. We provide a guiding system to deal with harmful ways of thinking and perceiving and to practice tools for relaxing the mind, spirit and body during moments of stress, confusion and unclarity.

Our work uses a combination of mindfulness, self reflection, journaling, free expression and existential wisdom.

Through writing your own insights and understandings in dialogue with the teacher you will integrate the new ways of perceiving, feeling and being.

The Setting

Classes take place in an anonymous, dynamic group learning setting.

The process is medically supervised and supported by Dr. Alina Ghidion MD, a specialist in Addictions, Stress and Mental Health.

Additionally there are graduates of the full 9 Months Program supporting the classes and participants full time.

One on One support is available upon request.

The ShoomKloom Philosophy

The Story of Mastering Our Mental Bicycle

Imagine yourself standing next to a bicycle. It is clear that in order for you to arrive at the shop for buying your dinner for tonight you will need to:

  • Sit on the saddle
  • Balance and push the pedals
  • Be willing to spend the time it takes to arrive at your destination.

The same is actually happening with our thoughts and feelings.

In order to end up in anxiety, anger, ‘poor me’, not feeling good enough, emotional drama or stress, we always pedal our thoughts and feelings with attention, effort and time.

While it might seem that this is happening by itself or out of our control; we are the ones pedaling. ShoomKloom shows you how to consciously make the right choice to pedal or not. We can regain our ability to be the master of our thoughts, feelings and reality.

In truth, we long for real fulfillment. To be at ease with who we are and what we have. To stop stressing and suffering. To simply be happy and celebrate love and life.


But Where Do We Start?

What happens in ShoomKloom

You will unravel your thinking and feeling patterns.

Result: You will be able to laugh when things don’t go your way.

You will come to see what is at the core of your stress.

Result: You will learn to direct your vital life energy away from hurting yourself towards creating practical solutions in your life.

You will clarify how you create a feeling of hurt or fear; joy or love.

Result: You will recognise that as the creator of your thoughts and feelings you are no longer a slave to them.

You will see how you encapsulate yourself within ideas, beliefs and concepts acquired from your parents, teachers, society and religion.

Result: You will be able to reclaim your own authority and act according to what is right for you, and you only!

Practical Information


  • Classes  are online, interactive, live guided and anonymous happening in a safe, private, friendly and secure chat room.
  • As a participant you will need a computer, internet access and a space where you will not be disturbed by anyone.
  • In the chatroom, you have access to a common classroom and as well as your own private room.
  • Answers will not be seen by the other participants. This provides everyone with the possibility of consequence free expression.
Watch: A Video Introduction to ShoomKloom

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