Questions About ShoomKloom
1. Who are we: Alina, Andrea, Karen, Nele and Sarah
We are participants in ShoomKloom and are in love with it. We are five ordinary people who had been looking for a way to overcome the issues that continually dragged us down throughout our lives.
Please take your time to check out each of our personal stories on the testimonial page.

ShoomKloom has profoundly changed our lives and what we have discovered is so beautiful and simple that all we want to do is share it with everyone who is open for it. We are here to introduce ShoomKloom to you and are inviting you to participate.

2. How is ShoomKloom done?

ShoomKloom takes place in a safe, secure and anonymous chat room. In the comfort of your home with a nice cup of tea, sitting in your favourite armchair, wearing your pyjamas, connecting to the internet, ShoomKloom guides you into an intensive self-exploration.

Once you sign up, you will receive a password and login to the ShoomKloom chat room where the classes take place.

For our longer term programs, you will also have access to your own personal diary room 24 hours a day. This provides you with a space where you work on your assignments whenever it suits you. In here you write without censoring what is happening for you in the moment and continue your process of exploration. In this way applying the tools from the class and integrating what you have learned into your daily life.

3. What will ShoomKloom give me?

ShoomKloom is a self-examination DIY. It guides you to see how your habitual ways of thinking create stress. ShoomKloom points through an eye-opening series of questions and assignments towards knowing how to live life at peace. ShoomKloom will hold your hands as you get to know how you get lost in thoughts, feelings and worries and will walk you out of the everlasting tunnel from darkness to light.

  • To stop being overwhelmed by thoughts, feelings; stop compulsive thinking
  • To know how you create your stress and how not to
  • To stop suffering and see solutions instead of problems
  • To live life in the moment instead of being busy with what happened in the past or with what the future will bring
  • To become loving and caring to oneself and recognize who you really are
  • To experience calm, relaxation, stillness, peacefulness
  • To recognise truth and knowing that we are all connected and part of life
  • To live fulfilled, at ease and with an inner smile
4. Who is ShoomKloom For?
ShoomKloom is for anyone who longs to be truly relaxed and at peace.
For anyone who is struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, negative thoughts, fears, worries, guilt, emotional overwhelm. For people who are tired of trying hard to improve or please, tired of comparing, competing, and running in the rat race.
For anyone who is heartbroken and burdened with the demands of life. For those who don’t fit in or feel like misfits. For people who are seeking happiness, truth and awakening; anyone who wants to find their way home.
5. How Many Participants Will Be in ShoomKloom?
Each class in the ShoomKloom chat is intimate and takes place in small gatherings of maximum 15 participants.
6. How Do I Enrol?
If you want to enrol, let us know via the contact form and we will sign you up.
7. How Do I Pay?
We are using PayPal. Once you have decided to participate in ShoomKloom, we will email you a payment form.
If you want to enrol, let us know via the contact form and we will sign you up.