How to Live Your True Purpose

(and Go Beyond Your Doubts and Obstacles)

ShoomKloom Editorial Staff

All my life I have looked for a meaning.

I ran once around the world (adding up all the miles I covered as a runner) looking for it everywhere.

I missed the Olympic Games by 0.45 seconds.

I spent 400 dollars on the suit for my first interview. I have lived on 400 dollars a month.

I cleaned toilets. I cried and screamed in therapy. I made friends and I lost sight of them.

I stayed in five star hotels and I put myself in a mental hospital – as I saw no way out.

I fell in love many times. I had my heart broken the same amount of times.

And was always on the run – looking for the answer:

What is it I am here for?

Now I know.

My heart is overflowing with gratefulness. Simplicity is taking over.

Love is not a concept, not an idea. I cannot make it.

Have you ask yourself the questions:

  • What is the point?
  • What am I doing here?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What do I want to do with my life?

Join me on my journey (of finding my purpose). It might inspire you to see that it is possible.

The first moment of knowing

Have you had this moment in your life when you simply knew: „This is right. This is me. This is my life purpose“?

I am sure you did. Everyone has had these moments.

It is like everything is in the flow. Time stands still . There is a magical atmosphere. The mind has stopped. You simply know.

But most of the time this knowing does not continue for very long. It is followed by doubt.

For many of us the doubt, the internalized ideas of:

  • Great idea but you cant!
  • Keep on dreaming but how would you start this?
  • You have to take care of your family, so stop this nonsense!
  • Be real, you cannot make money with that!

are immediately kicking in. So we enjoy the moment and then go back to what we know.

We go back to security, doing what we think we should be doing. We do a job we like a bit or not and we tell ourselves (for example):

  • It’s ok, everyone does it.
  • This is how life is. It isn’t for fun.
  • There is nothing I can do about it. That’s life.
  • I am fine. I like my life.

You can check for yourself if this is true or not for you.

The moment of pure joy and happiness – this moment of fulfillment – is gone. Back we are to half living, half being dead.

Going forward – after a moment of knowing – we must keep this underlying search for our true purpose at bay.

We simply deny it.

Otherwise we would be tormented constantly with the knowing that we are not truly living.

We would be confronted day and night that we are not living to our potential (or our destiny). We would need the courage to see and recognize that we are living a live directed by others (externally or internally).

But how can anyone (including our parents, teachers and friends) know what is right and true for us?

The Undeniability of Your True Purpose

For some of us, these moments of knowing happen again and again.

And yet, we still keep going back to what is „normal“. We are scared of the unknown.

We fear that all will fall apart and we will be standing there: an empty handed fool.

But the real suffering is to have a clear knowing of your purpose; yet not following it.

Only, if and when we have suffered enough and recognize that we are unable to live our own lie any longer – then we are the lucky winners.

It might not look that way at all. At first. But the day comes when the recognition settles in.

When I first knew: „This is it! I found it“, there was just pure joy.

I had tried so hard with so many things. And I had been disappointed every single time.

So I thought that now that I really knew it would all be easy. It had to be easy. Right?

Let me tell you this:

I could not have been further away from the truth.

The first knowing was just the beginning … and is unfolding every single day.

We prepared some free eye opening questions for you. Answer them and begin to follow your true purpose.

The Point Of No Return

Once you know – you simply know.

I am not saying it will be a walk in the park. I am not saying that you know how to go about it. Nor am I saying that you won’t have any doubts.

And I am also not saying that you will be successful (under „normal terms“).

It isn’t as much about your success as it is about your following your own heart’s desire. That is all that counts. Following your heart’s truth is the success in itself. All else will fall into place.

First, there is every possibility that you have no clue what to do next.

Maybe even worse: you might not have any money to go for your dream. Nor the people, nor anything for that matter.

You actually might have nothing in your favor besides that fact that you know.

And that is all it takes.

The doubts and obstacles on the way

Yes, that is all it takes to start. But is that all it takes to continue?

To stay with it despites all the doubts and obstacles? To continue no matter what? To not give up and at the same time to not become a workaholic? To love it and to live it? To be it every single day?

This „thing“ is you. This is what you are here for to express.

Be it making beautiful things, teaching children something special, singing your song or offering your service.

It might not look spectacular from the outside. Maybe someone else is doing something similar.

That isn’t what matters.

It is about you expressing yourself and your truth fully.

But when it comes to making a living with it and really being true to what you found this is what most probably will happen … after a week, a month, 6 months …

You will fail. You will be rejected. The whole world will tell you that it is impossible.

Watch Larry Smith’ extremely funny TED talk which bluntly shows us our excuses to not follow our dreams.

Since I knew that I had found my life’s work – ShoomKloom – I have heard countless ‘Mmmh, … but No, thank you’s.

Some people were interested, others out right said that they simply aren’t. Many are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of offerings out there “to be happy”.

I myself have been disappointed so many times by these promises. 

So I understand it totally if there is doubt and mistrust.

I did not trust this, to begin with. And I am not asking anyone to do so. This work is actually the opposite:

Do not trust me or what I am saying. Do not trust this work. Do not trust any of my promises.

You must find (out) for yourself. Otherwise it can be taken away from you again.

Let me share a list of my favorite excuses or obstacles of why I shouldn’t go for or drop following my dream.

Can you relate to some of them?

  1. I think that I have tried it all (and still the results are missing)
  2. I don’t know what to do next (feeling stuck and anxious)
  3. I think that I am simply not good enough to succeed (others can do it but not me)
  4. I believe that I don’t have enough (business) knowledge (and that is the reason for not being successful)
  5. I am running out of money (money emotions) to continue (and am shy, ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help/lenders/investors)
  6. I think it’s about time to admit defeat (and go back to „normal“)
  7. The visitor numbers (of the website) are going down (and they weren’t high to begin with)
  8. I have no or little sales (although people love my blogs or other free offers)
  9. I believe that I am not a sales or marketing person (and no money to hire someone)
  10. I am too shy or introvert to tell people about my offer (and believe it to be a disadvantage)
  11. easily feel rejected when people say: “No” to me
  12. I just want to give up (and have it easy)
  13. I get busy with everything else but going for my dream (called procrastinating with all I got)
  14. I want it to happen but I don’t make it happen (do I really want it?)
  15. I find many other excuses why it just doesn’t work (as I have done most of my life)

Now, the question is:

Are these obstacles real?

Will they determine you, your life and your happiness?

Or, are they just your thoughts and feelings (which might become your reality if you continue to give them attention)?

4 Exclusive Tips of How to Live Your Purpose (and Go Beyond Doubts and Obstacles)


#1: Doing it out of the love of doing it (not to prove anything to anyone)

It is a new decision every single moment of your life. You are doing it because you love it and must share it with the world. The main motivation is not to gain something from it or prove someone else wrong. This way I do not get stressed out with it or become a workaholic. Setbacks or so called obstacles do not have the power (over me) to stop following my dream. I simply cannot lose the love for what it this work.

#2: Being diligent, attentive and accurate (baby steps do count)

Love is about the every day work. It is the getting up again and again and continuing with sharing my love (work). However small it seems, whatever it might take. There is nothing too little if you are putting in your utmost care and attention. Even if what you do doesn’t appear to get you anywhere. It is about that one phone call, one email, another talk with someone.

#3: Being grateful for so many gifts which are coming your way (everywhere)

Every day – however tiny it may seem – amazing things are happening. Friends may say „Thank you so much for sharing your truth“ instead of pretending to know better. A meeting with someone who challenges your work might give you a fresh view and idea. Not having immediate success will allow you to grow in standing stronger in your own truth and love for this work. It will show you that this time it is for real. That no matter what all the others say or do – it won’t change a thing – this is your love.

#4: Playing innocently (the joy factor makes the difference)

When you have no clue what to do next you have three main choices: First, you can get depressed. Second, you can act out of despair and do what everyone else does. Third, you can see how ridiculous these two options are. And, you will recognize that your wanting to control the outcome and needing the perfect idea is exactly what is in the way. This is where innocence and innovation has space to come through. You will simply relish expressing yourself.

Knowing has nothing to do with me fighting or winning. It is to live my purpose fully without having control. 

It is like I am doing while at the same time I am not.

It is about me stopping again and again – and not following any ideas about how it should be lived.

And at same time expressing all and everything which wants to be expressed.

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How to Live Your True Purpose (and Go Beyond Your Doubts and Obstacles)

“All my life I have looked for a meaning. I ran once around the world, looking for it everywhere, missing the Olympic Games by 0.45 seconds. I spent 400 dollars on the suit for my first interview. I have lived on 400 dollars a month. I cleaned toilets. I cried and screamed in therapy. I made friends and I lost sight of them. I stayed in five star hotels and I put myself in a mental hospital. I fell in love many times. I had my heart broken the same amount of times. And was always on the run – looking for the answer: What am I here for?

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