Acute Care

Classes are held daily and you can join in at various time during your crisis.

We offer a package of 3 classes to support you or someone you know, when going  through a:

Particular stressful situation:

  • In the midst of a divorce, relationship crisis or breakup
  • Dealing with a sudden health issue, terminal illness or death
  • Before a date, exam, public speech or job interview
  • Moving house, getting married or expecting your first child
  • Facing redundancy, retirement or an identity crisis

Very emotional episode:

  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Anger, rage or revenge
  • Jealousy and heartbreak
  • Intense fear or existential crisis
  • Shocking news and grief

Profound mental turmoil:

  • Circling the same negative thoughts in your head
  • Worrying obsessively
  • Inability to letting go of past hurts
  • Having compulsive thoughts
  • Facing hopelessness or loneliness

Our short term acute care will support you to:

  • Take steps to deal efficiently with life challenges and to strengthen your resilience
  • Learn to be with uncomfortable feelings and situations without harming or judging yourself
  • Take steps to drop your emotional and mental baggage to discover the good in your life
  • Learn to work with your fear rather than against it and see what is in the way of focusing on your well-being
  • Practice to be be kind, caring and respectful with yourself in during emotional and/or mental turmoil
  • See a wider perspective and realise that life is for you rather than against you

Our Short Term Acute Care Package Offer:

This includes 3 live interactive and personally guided classes on our online platform. Each class will last 150 minutes.


  • Classes are taking place in a group setting. For privacy purposes, every participant stays anonymous and has access to the group class room as well as to his or her own private room for personal writings.
  • The tools and techniques learned are easily applicable in daily life.
  • Practicing something new during an intense emotional episode might initially be challenging as you are hard wired in your ways of believing and perceiving. However during times of turmoil you are also more susceptible to insights and revelations. We are here to guide you to become an smooth sailor in calm and stormy waters.
  • Once you know how to look after yourself during the stormy parts of your life; you will know that you have the capacity to be kind and caring with yourself; no matter of your circumstances.


  • Classes are offered at various days and times.
  • The length of each class is 150 minutes.
  • We recommend you to follow your Short Term Acute Care up with either the Happiness Insurance or with one of our modules to strengthen the integration of the tools in your daily life.