Family, Kids & Parenting

Are you..

A First Time Parent / Single Parent                                                  

  • Feeling worried, insecure and pressured to be “the perfect parent”
  • Fearing changes in your relationship and sex life
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the child‘s needs and you miss support

A Parent of a High Maintenance Child / Children

  • Blaming yourself for the ‘condition’ of your child
  • Feeling guilty for behaving irritable or inappropriate in difficult situations
  • Feeling stressed around financial costs

A Caregiver of the Elderly or Sick

  • Feeling burdened with care-taking responsibilities
  • Struggling with the change of personality or roles in the family
  • Feeling unable to solve family conflicts for the best of all involved

What we can do for you                                                                    

  • Encourage you to let go of unsupportive beliefs or expectations of a perfect family and build self compassion and loving kindness
  • Guide you to learn to effectively set boundaries and healthy priorities that ensure your energy supply
  • Help you to develop intuitive understanding and create access to immediate relaxation and clarity in stressful situations