God & Awakening: No More Deals. This Is The Real Stuff - Reality 101..

God & Awakening

Are you..

A Spiritual Seeker

  • Struggling to fully integrate wisdom teachings in your life
  • Still suffering despite all the spiritual work and keep searching for a true teaching
  • Feeling disappointed, frustrated or tired of the search

A Misfit

  • Feeling dropped on the wrong planet and don’t fit in with the norm
  • Feeling disillusioned with superficial connections, society, politics
  • Having a strong sense of connection with nature, stars, the universe

Ready for Enlightenment

  • Ready to stop the search and find home within yourself
  • Wanting to know the truth about reality and who you are
  • Having the willingness to surrender to truth

Benefits of the One Month Program                                                                    

  • Immerse in the true meaning of peace, freedom, awakening and enlightenment to meet, explore and express your full potential as a human being
  • Drop all labels, concepts and beliefs about yourself and increase the capability of building physical, intellectual and social resources
  • Understand and apply the science behind unconditional love and develop the art of direct experience to embrace any thought, feeling or situation totally and become empowered through it

One module/month


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