Life, Death & Mourning: Facing Death Consciously To Live Fully

Life, Death & Mourning

Life Death and Mourning

Are you..


  • Feeling overpowered with facing or grieving the death of a loved one
  • Not able to let go and feeling the need for closure
  • Unable to express feelings of sadness, anger or heartbreak

A Person who fears Death

  • Avoiding the subject as it is the biggest human fear
  • Having frightening ideas or images of how you will die
  • Being scared of the death pain

A Person who fears Living Fully

  • Fearing your own potential and not reaching it
  • Being overwhelmed by the complexity of life
  • Feeling like you are running out of time to experience life in all possible ways

Benefits of the One Month Program                                                              

  • Fully understand and embrace the essence of death and face life with a natural childlike curiosity
  • Lose the need to control your experiences, the future, love, life itself and become comfortable and joyful in not knowing
  • Free your resources and potential through letting go of everything you think yourself to be and why you are here

One module/month


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