Love & Relationship

Are you..


  • Feeling lonely or incomplete
  • Longing for a relationship but failing to make a fulfilling connection
  • Feeling discomfort when seeing couples or families

In a Relationship

  • Being upset, irritated or disappointed by the development of the relationship
  • Feeling a lack of communication or finding compromises
  • Being less intimate than in the beginning

Going through a breakup

  • Feeling hurt, rejected, cheated on
  • Feeling like a failure and losing love forever
  • Having tendencies to blame, be angry and wanting revenge

What we can do for you                                                 

  • Help you to experience and strengthen self love and self acceptance without the need to change anything about yourself
  • Encourage you to expose your needs, fears, judgements, lies, manipulations and learn to communicate honestly and authentically
  • Support you to realize and dissolve your limiting concepts and ideas around love and relationships and learn to steadily support your true self worth