Money & Emotions: Are You Busy with Money? Feeling Anxious About It?

Money & Emotions

Are you..

A Person with Financial Struggles

  • Feeling poor and believing you would be happier if you had more money
  • Getting tense when you spend money or check the bank account
  • Feeling angry and blaming your circumstances for your lack of money

A Person with Financial Fears

  • Fearing the loss of your current financial abundance
  • Feeling an urge to keep earning and saving more money to be secure
  • Having regular arguments about money

A Person with Financial Guilt

  • Feeling guilty or embarrassed about your financial abundance – ‘Spoiled Brat Syndrome’
  • Lying about your financial situation – financial infidelity
  • Not able to value money or regretting that you spend it senselessly

Benefits of the One Month Program                                             

  • Withdraw from discouraging perceptions about money and develop a state of contentment and appreciation within your financial frame
  • Identify healthy spending habits and establish grounded generosity
  • Let go of emotional attachment to money to clear and improve your self image

One module/month

Special offer when booking 2 months get 3rd month free


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