Self Image & Identity

Are you..

Shy or Introverted / HSP

  • Feeling not good enough
  • Feeling drained by social interactions
  • Feeling like you have nothing to offer

A Person with Helpers Syndrome or Inferiority Complex

  • Feeling the necessity to help and please others first
  • Feeling needy or depressed without reassurance from others
  • Having an urge for self perfection

A Self-Assessor or Self-Judge

  • Feeling less worthy or flawed in comparison to others
  • Concealing actual feelings of failure or misbehavior
  • Affected by critical cognitive self talk

What we can do for you                                                  

  • Support you to easily become aware and differentiate between encouraging and self-destructive thought patterns
  • Guide you to redirect your focus to self-empathetic care
  • Encourage you to open an inner space to cultivate creativity, sound judgement and self actualization
  • Help you redefine the understanding and use of self knowledge
  • Support you to strengthen self responsibility and self confidence