Sexuality & Pleasure

Are you..

A Person with Unfulfilled Sex Life or Low Sexual Desire

  • Having problems to get sexually aroused
  • Rarely having or never had orgasms
  • Holding back to share and act out your sexual wishes and desires

A Person Suffering from Past Abuse

  • Reliving the abuse in your mind
  • Craving intimacy but can‘t relax whilst being intimate
  • Feeling uncomfortable or pushed to please your sexual partner

A Person Suffering from Shame with Pleasure and Masturbation

  • Feeling ashamed about your genitals or when masturbating
  • Feeling unsatisfied when pleasuring yourself
  • Thinking that masturbation is bad or dirty

What we can do for you                    

  • Guide you to uncover and deepen the self knowledge about your body‘s abilities for sexual arousal embracing all senses
  • Help you to cultivate playfulness and a loving and respectful discovery of intimacy and sexuality with a partner or by yourself
  • Support you to dissolve non serving beliefs or past hurt and learn to comfortably relax into pleasure and enjoyment