Work, Career & Purpose

Are you…

A Professional / Worker

  • Failing to stand up for yourself at work
  • Feeling stuck in your job and unable to change
  • Fearing the loss of your job / lost your job

A CEO / Manager / Entrepreneur / Academic

  • Suffering from Burn-out, cognitive overload
  • Facing a dead-end in your career
  • Feeling overwhelmed by trying to balance work and family life

A Purpose Seeker

  • Postponing to pursue your dream
  • Feeling a lack of fulfillment – purpose in life – no matter what you do
  • Feeling unchallenged or suffering from a lack of initiative

What we can do for you                                                               

  • Support you to extend your integrity and learn to peacefully and realistically change your job situation to your satisfaction
  • Encourage you to cultivate play and rest and learn to let go of inner pressure and exhaustion
  • Help you to develop a resilient spirit and uncover your passion and sense of power