ShoomKloom New Year’s Tool Kit:

14 Treasures To Live Life From Fulfillment

ShoomKloom Editorial Staff

‘Live life to the fullest, because you only get to live it once.’

The start of a New Year feels like the closure of the old and the beginning of something new. It is an exciting time to take steps for creating the life you want and are passionate about.

Your resolutions might include things like: to stop smoking, exercise more, drink less and loose weight. Or achieving more love, happiness and money.

Underneath all this is your basic wish – to take those steps to ´make the most of your life’ or ‘to live life to its fullest.’

Do you wonder why it is so difficult to keep your New Year Resolutions?

What often happens is that you start off with plenty of enthusiasm and commitment. But after a while, you become demotivated and old habits creep in.

This is because your thoughts and beliefs are so powerful. 1 single thought has the power to either make you cry, fear, angry or to make you laugh, happy, relaxed. In order to be able to carry through your resolutions, you will need to look at your mindset and shift the way you relate with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Wouldn’t it be great if you got all the support to stick to your resolutions

Our ShoomKloom tips support you to change your thought processes to attract more of the things you want in life.

  • By dropping your emotional and mental baggage you will discover the good in your life.
  • By working with your fear rather than against it, you will remove the grudges that get in the way of focusing on yourself.
  • In learning how to be kind, caring and respectful with yourself in all areas of life, you will embark on the journey to fulfillment.

True fulfillment comes from being content in each moment with who you really are and with what you have (appreciating those ordinary things in life) – not from achieving or having more.

ShoomKloom New Year’s Tool Kit: 14 Treasures To Live Life From Fulfillment

We’ve all done it: judging, comparing, worrying, pleasing or overthinking.

And it is time to STOP.

5 STOP – to do’s

#1. Stop Judging

You might be surprised how many times a day you criticize yourself. Some of us have an inner judge whose job it is to constantly evaluate and put down whatever we do, say or want.

This judge stands in the way of pursuing your dreams, taking risks or expressing your love. Once you are able to not go along with your self judgements, you will stop believing that you are bad or wrong.

Can you see that without self judgements, you have space for self love, laughter and joy?

#2. Stop Comparing

The fact is that you will never be like someone else. Life needs the uniqueness that is YOU. These days we might feel swamped by others achievements, looks and success.

Yet everyone has their own story to tell and his own path to walk. You are the best version of you, all flaws included.

Do you see that each comparison is an act of violence against yourself?

#3. Stop Worrying or Expecting the Worst

Worrying is thinking about something that is not actually happening in the moment. We only scare ourselves by picturing and imagining the worst. Once you learn to befriend your fears – and realise that what scares you is a thought – you will be able to relax in the face of fear.

Life will feel sometimes good and other times bad. While you cannot change the situation – you can however learn to shift your perception and reactions.

Can you see that you will never have this day again and with worrying about another far away day – you waste this day?

#4. Stop Pleasing or Trying To Do It Right For Others

Be true to who you are. It’s better to be an original version of yourself rather than be an exact duplicate of someone else. As a child, you learn to please your parent.

As an adult, you need to learn to be true to yourself. Otherwise you prioritise others approval, trying to fit in and doing it right over your spontaneity, self expression and individuality.

People might not always like what you do or say (that is life) – however people will respect you when you are true to yourself.

Can you see that what you really want is to simply live without needing to prove something?

#5. Stop Overthinking

If you take a moment to watch your internal conversations, you might be surprised how much time you spend arguing, doubting and complaining with yourself. Maybe you go over the same details of an argument you had for the 50th time.

It might look as if your thoughts have a life of their own; but you can learn to have your commentary in the background. That way your attention, playfulness and aliveness will be at the foreground.

Can you see that during your self talk nothing happens; that you waste your vital energy that would be available for joy, creativity and inspiration?


Wouldn’t it be great if you can enjoy and appreciate who you are and what you have?

The following resolutions get you on the way:

9 START – to do’s

#6. Adopt Supportive Habits

Ask yourself which actions could support your aliveness, playfulness and self expression. Write a list if you have lots of ideas. Once you are clear what you want and what can bring you joy; give yourself the time to do those things, so they can become a habit.

  • Make a daily or weekly schedule and pair up with a friend or group.
  • Have fun with it.

Can you see that you can adopt the habit to wake up great and feel great everyday while doing the right things?

#7. Let Go Of The Past

It might be tempting to rummage in your mind about the past. It is the game of trying to figure out what would have happened if you did it different; wishing you could go back to make changes or feeling bad about the choices you made.

However this will never get you anywhere. If you notice your thoughts spiraling in the past, just remember that you will never be able to fix or alter the past. Instead you can come back to the here and now and do what is right and what is kind and caring.

It is never too late to be what you might have been. Know that each new moment gives you the chance to do the right thing.

#8. Be In the Here And Now

We are always in this very moment. Yet our mind easily wanders off, regretting the past, mourning the bliss that is gone or thinking about being happier in the future. Our memories don’t exist in reality nor do our future wishes – it is all just a thought.

Life in the moment doesn’t always feel ‘easy or happy’ but in truth there is no ‘past’ and there is no ‘future’. There is only HERE and this moment.

So when you drift off in past or future thoughts; take a moment to arrive HERE by feeling your feet on the ground, looking around you or simply being aware of your breath.

Can you see that you are always here; that past and future only exists as thoughts?

#9. Practise Forgiveness

The ability to forgive yourself and others is liberating. To not forgive is to keep carrying a grudge. It is like drinking poison, hoping the other will die. As you are the only one who is busy with what is going on in your mind, it is totally for your own benefit to forgive and let go.

When you forgive you create space for grace, peace, joy and love.

Forgiving is not a gift that the other deserves but a freedom that you give to yourself!                         

#10. Love Your Mistakes

In making mistakes, you find out directly what doesn’t bring you the results you would like. Mistakes are stepping stones in life. Everyone makes mistakes and they form your uniqueness.

Instead of being harsh towards yourself when you mess up, you can learn to be understanding and compassionate. Talking to yourself in the way you would talk to a friend, is an act of self love.

Can you see that success is going from failure to failure with enthusiasm?

#11. Know You Are Good Enough

Many of us hold on to a belief of not being good enough. It is one of the ways we lie to ourselves; thinking our lies to be true. This belief comes from comparing: from thinking you would be a better person if you were more like someone else.


Watch Our Video: Enough of Not Feeling Good Enough

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Wanting to be like someone else is an impossible venture in itself.

Truth is that you are the only and the best version of YOU – and  always good enough. Practice daily appreciating aspects of yourself and grow towards accepting everything about you as unique and as more than good enough.

Do you see that when you believe in yourself, you have 100% of the people you need on your side?

#12. Have Self Respect

Self respect is an inner job. It starts in your mind with the way you think about yourself. Appreciate who you are and let go of self criticism. See that you always did the best you could, with the tools you had available in the situation you were in.

Honor the challenges that you have already faced and survived. You will need to celebrate what you have and who you are, in preparation for the road ahead.

Do you see that nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent –  that you deserve your love and affection?

#13. Laugh More

Life is all inclusive. Sometimes it feels great, other times it might feel like shit. Learn to not be so  identified with your thoughts and feelings.

Learn to not take life too serious. We are on this planet for just a short while. You might as well enjoy it.

Life is not against you.

Can you see that you cannot think whilst you are laughing?

#14. Live With Gratitude And Appreciation

Learn to be happier with yourself, your life and with everything that you have. Often people who have a lot, are healthy and make a good living; are still stressed and unhappy.

It might take time and patience to learn how to find joy in the ordinary things and not to let problems bring you down. In practising gratitude for life itself, you will learn to appreciate what is in front of you and be able to take the blows in life with grace.

Can you see that your life to date has been full of lessons and you can just decide it is going to be ridiculously AMAZING?

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